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Vision, Strategy, Execution, Collaboration, Innovation


Servant leadership, High-performing teams, Loyalty


Excitement, Vision, Courage, Change

Delighting customers, team members, and my peers in leadership for over 25 years

Here's what they say about me

Based on my experience, and with the ability to compare Tucker to people in broadly analogous positions at a variety of organizations and universities over almost three decades, I can say that he is the best that I have worked with.
Christopher Chyba
Chair - Carl Sagan Center, SETI
It's not easy to sit between a frenetic global team like the TED organization, the astrophysicists in charge of making first contact with extraterrestrials, and ... well, the aliens themselves. But in helping TED fulfill some of SETI's goals & wishes a few years back, Tucker did just this.
Rob Reid
Bestselling Author, Founder
Tucker’s strategic approach to technology, combined with his innate ability to foster an inclusive and innovative culture, has been instrumental in our success. He is not just a leader but a catalyst for change, driving our team to new heights of efficiency and creativity.
David Ross
CEO - Copia